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Single Use Plastics: Our Stance | Fickaskåp - Innovative Products for Outdoor Adventure

Single Use Plastics: Our Stance

Plastic waste on beach
Plastic waste on beach

There has been a lot of media coverage lately given to the growing problem of worldwide plastic waste and the subsequent environmental impact. This is only going to get worse, especially after this weeks announcement that China is placing a ban on imported plastic waste. This is not a new phenomenon however, we have collectively always had an over-reliance on ‘disposable’ plastics.

At Fickaskåp we love being outside, we create products purely for helping our customers when they’re on their outdoors adventures. As a brand and retailer we have a responsibility to make sure that we minimise our impact on the environment. Whilst our products contain some plastics (Nylon and TPU), these are not single use. Our products are designed to last a very long time. In fact comparing our Waterproof Phone and Valuables Wallet to using freezer bags, the wallet is much kinder to the environment as freezer bags will often be discarded once used.

It is the packaging where we can make a real difference. A lot of design effort has gone into making our packaging both user and environmentally friendly. We use no plastics in our retail or postal packaging and all of it is fully recyclable. We use the minimum amount of packaging too. This means that our Waterproof Phone and Valuables Wallet will fit through most postboxes and it’s easier to transport to you in the first place. So please recycle your packaging responsibly.

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